Thursday, May 13, 2010

Postcard from MN, Summer 2010
— The Premise

This spring I did a weekend long painting retreat at the Clouqet Forestry Center. It was part of the University of Minnesota's Split Rock Arts Program. One of the big realizations of the weekend for me is that I have not experimented with my art in a long, long time.

Pondering this problem, I came up with a project to tackle it head-on.

It's not a new idea. Maybe the first place I saw it was at Postcard from Provence. I recently came across Postcard from Holland. Then trying to find that site again, I found many daily paintings blogs. In mid-May I found out that one of my studio-mates has been doing a painting a day since January 1 this year. I am going to join the ranks. For the period of summer solstice to autumnal equinox. I am going to make a painting a day for each day of summer, 2010. In order to fit this into my life, I am going to have to limit the amount of time I spend on these. They will be quick and experimental and made for the shear pleasure of creating. Maybe I will find a place to show them in the fall. Maybe they will only live online. Maybe I will hate all of them.

My goal is to scan and post once a week. <<I figured out how to schedule posts ahead! So I will still be scanning about once a week, but a new piece will post each day. I am going to eventually get it synced up so the posts are one week after the day that I painted them.>>