Monday, August 12, 2013

Week 7 – Acorns & Snails (with cadmium red)

On my first weekly painting post, I said I wasn't sure what I expected with this project. But now that I finished week 7, I remember that this more like what I had in mind. I have been wanting to expand upon my "Leaves & Fish" concept for awhile. I've done a couple here and there, but I want to have a solid collection. I have a canvas frame that is 22" x 52" just waiting to be put to use. I dream of a week that I have time to work on something that large! I would love for it to fit into this collection.
(The sides are bright cadmium red, the same color that there is a hint of on the horizon line)
9" x 12", oil on wood panel, $300
(prints available)

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